Uncle Silas

Uncle Silas

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  • Автор: Fanu Joseph Sheridan
  • Издательство: T8RUGRAM
  • Серия: Original
  • Вес: 714 г.
  • Длина 145 мм
  • Ширина 215 мм
  • Высота 29 мм
  • Штрих-код 9785521071197
  • Страна Россия
  • Дата выпуска: 2018
  • Страниц: 554
  • Переплет: мягкая обложка
  • ISBN: 978-5-521-07119-7

Joseph Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu (1814—1873) was an Irish writer of Gothic novels, one of the most influential ghost story writers of the nineteenth century. Being an intriguing mystery thriller, "Uncle Silas" tells a story of Maud Ruthyn, an orphan stuck in a weird relationship with her uncle. With the help of his son and a mysterious French governess, this man plots to kill the poor girl for her inheritance. The novel considered a classic of horror fiction and one of the best Le Fanu works.